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TECHNOLOGY: Why LaserGauge®

Why choose LaserGauge® for precision inspection and measurement in automotive, aerospace, and other industries?

Generates accurate virtual gauge measurements

Settings can be customized for each inspection point to simulate almost any measurement method imaginable such as caliper, minimum gap, nearest point and other virtual methodologies. Complex features can be measured according to design criteria, making the data much more meaningful than that generated by mechanical or manual methods.

Consistently and accurately handles a wide scope of measurements

Sensors can perform precise measurements on a variety of design features ranging up to 2.5” (63mm).

Accurate measurements on a wide range of materials and surfaces

Rapid on-line inspection of 2-dimensional features on solid, translucent, transparent and shiny surfaces. Works well on flat surfaces and edges, as well as contoured and rounded.

Achieves repeatable results

Operators are able to use the instrument competently and consistently after a day or two of training.

Able to run inspection routines

Settings can be configured for each individual point established along the inspection routing. An image of the object being inspected is shown with an arrow pointing to the location for the next measurement.

The only solution available on the market that wirelessly displays measurement data on monitors overhead or along the assembly line

Results are displayed in real time and can also be displayed downstream at a fitters’ station.

Generates meaningful graphical feedback

As the measurements are made, the profile momentarily replaces the image of the object and is displayed on the sensor itself or on a computer monitor, depending on model.

Flags out of spec measurements

Operators are alerted to out-of-spec conditions with both visual and audio alerts and can be required to verify those conditions before continuing.

Traceable data capture

All data files are saved automatically and available for documentation purposes or additional analysis. Each measurement is tracked to a unique identifier or label and recorded in a data file.

The LaserGauge® Automation System brings the power of LaserGauge® sensors to robotics along the moving assembly line

Hundreds of measurements are made over the course of minutes along a moving assembly line.

Bar Code Reader

A barcode module can be installed on the front of some LaserGauge® sensor models to scan the identification number of assemblies or parts, such as the VIN or serial number.

Saves Time

Measurement of individual points is completed within seconds. Inspection routines consisting of hundreds of points can be completed in minutes instead of hours.

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