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The LGCommander software is a cost-effective, Windows™ 10 based tool, that when used in conjunction with the LaserGauge® USB Sensor, measures a wide range of applications.

For the handheld DSP sensors, HS702/HS703/HS761/HS763, setup information specified using LGCommander can be sent to the sensor via the USB cable, enabling the sensor to be operated in standalone mode with the established configuration. If running in standalone mode is not required, the HS702/HS703/HS761/HS763 DSP sensors may also be operated through a USB cable using LGCommander to provide enhanced graphic capabilities and automatic scan saving functions.

Since the remote RS750 and TS800 are always running using LGCommander, all setup information entered in LGCommander is immediately available for use by one remote sensor or multiple remote sensors in a coordinated configuration.

LGCommander is used to:

  • configure and test measurement algorithms (gauges) for specific parts
  • establish inspector, supervisor and administrative rights for the sensor
  • set operational preferences.

LGCommander & USB Sensors

For USB sensors, all setup information entered in LGCommander is immediately available for use to measure and examine the desired feature.

LGCommander Features

Features of LGCommander

Real Time Measurements

Constant scanning and running the algorithm in real-time while displaying current measurement results and profiles.

Automatic Gain Control

LGCommander automatically sets the gain of the usb sensor so you don't have to worry about dispariate surface colors or reflectivity.

Scans & Data Saved Automatically

Formulas that use the results from measured points can be added to the routine for calculations such as A/V gaps, parallelism, max gap, range, etc.

Multiple Sensors

LGCommander supports multiple sensor types. An alignment algorithm is applied to the simultaneous scans producing a calibrated, multi-view profile of a part. The inspection algorithm is then run against the combined profile to generate the desired measurements.

Analyze Profiles

Raw Video

The Raw Video test mode allows you to view the sensor signal and determine the optimum manual setting. The image of the laser will appear in the video box.

This image helps to analyze possible surface reflections, incorrect gain settings, positioning of the sensor and other manual settings. These are all items that can affect the success of accurate measurements.

On-Screen Measurements

For some profiles there might not be a virtual gauge that will work, or one that returns the measurements desired. An operator can manually measure a feature on any captured profile by using the on-screen distance measurement tool. The operator can simply select the first point or edge in the scan by left-clicking and dragging the cursor to the other point or edge and releasing the mouse. The x,y coordinates will be used to calculate the delta x, the delta y, and the absolute distance between the two selected points.

LGCommander Specifications

  • Operating Systems:
    USB sensors are configured using the Windows 10™-based operating systems
  • Memory:
    Minimum 256 MB recommended
  • Video Card:
    Minimum of 1280 X 1024 px resolution required
  • USB Port USB:
    2.0 for connection to USB and DSP sensors
  • Free Disk Space:
    50 MB

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