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APPLICATIONS: Assembly Line Fit-Gate

The LaserGauge® Fit-Gate solution for automotive assembly lines has been installed in dozens of automotive plants around the world.

The LaserGauge® Fit-Gate System is a multiple-sensor inspection configuration using one or two LaserGauge® DSP sensors for 100% inline inspection of closure gap and flush in automotive plants. The Fit-Gate is used in both body-in-white and final assembly applications. Single-location gap and flush measurements as well as cross-car, V-gap and A-gap calculations are acquired. Each location can be measured in approximately one second per point.

Data from the Fit-Gate System can be saved locally, to a networked drive, or sent to a plant data handling and SPC system via serial or Ethernet interface.

    LaserGauge® Fit-Gate Features

    • Uses 2 DSP sensors to measure on both sides of car
    • Automatically loads correct inspection routine based on VIN of car. Can receive the VIN from:
      • Independent barcode scanner
      • Optional barcode scanner on HS702 and HS703 sensors (Standard on HS761 and HS763)
      • Manual entry
      • Factory (PLC, Ethernet, Serial)
    • In- and Out-of-spec conditions automatically calculated and notated. Other calculations, such as cross-car, A-gap, V-gap, max/min are made automatically.
    • Inspection status displayed on monitors viewable by inspector, showing in- and out-of-spec locations and values or by audible tone to indicate measurement status
    • Data automatically saved locally or on network drive

    How the LaserGauge® Fit-Gate Works

    • PC runs LGWorks routine
    • Sends sensor setup information to sensors
    • Receives inspection data from sensors and compares to spec limits
    • Displays inspection data in color-coded format to large monitor viewable by inspectors and sounds an audible tone to indicate in- or out-of-spec measurements.
    • Saves data to user-defined data format for factory storage and use, even in multiple locations
    • Sends inspection data to optional Fitter’s Station for final correction of out-of-spec features
    • Can print inspection summary to printer

    Benefits of using the Laserguage® Fit-Gate

    • Repeatable – multiple operators, all locations, all variations of models, colors, trim packages
    • Flexible – large amount of measurement configurations and number of gauges
    • Traceable – useful to track by model, plant, shift, etc for quality management
    • Stable – fixed calibration with many installations
    • Fast – meets data rate requirements