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PRODUCTS: LGAutomation with RS763 Sensor

LaserGauge® Automation is the only automated, robot-driven, gap/flush inspection system for moving assembly lines in automobile manufacturing plants that incorporates Blue Laser Technology and Cross-Vector Scanning.

The LaserGauge® Automation system with RS763 Sensor automatically acquires fit and finish measurements of a vehicle in real-time on a moving line and can be integrated into the manufacturing line by plant personnel or independent robot integrators.

Proven, flexible measurement methodologies that are 100% compatible with all existing LaserGauge® products.

  • Eliminates the requirement for a stop station
  • Real time robot path correction ensures accuracy of measurements, regardless of the automobile's position on the line
  • Robots can be mounted on one or both sides of the line, at one or more points, to ensure measurements keep up with line speed
  • Robots can be floor or gantry mounted

Laser Technology

LaserGauge® technology brings unmatched speed, accuracy, and flexibility to the manufacturing assembly line.

Blue Laser Technology

The RS763 utilizes blue-laser scanning technology and advanced signal processing algorithms. This allows the sensor to scan various surfaces on an automobile: body panels, headlamps, tail lamps, window glass, and chrome.

Scanning Technology

The RS763 Sensor uses Cross-Vector scanning technology that gives precise edge/surface scanning capability unmatched in accuracy, speed, and flexibility. The angular scanning of the edges allows it to see “around” the edges to give more defined edge data for better measurements.

Learn more about how LaserGauge® scanning works.


The LaserGauge® Automation System incorporates inspection routines, industrial network connection capabilities, collision avoidance, and an optional fitter’s station.

Proven LaserGauge® Capabilities

Inspection routines are created and edited using the LGWorks software. Virtual Gauges are configured specifically for each measurement point, and specification limits are defined for each returned value. Detailed graphics and on-screen messages indicate the location and progress of the robotic sensor from one measurement to the next.

Flexible Robot Interface

Flexibility and ease of setup have are key components of the system. Using a standard Ethernet connection, the RS763 sensor can communicate to a PC, robot controller or PLC using the AnyBus X-Gateway, which allows the LaserGauge® to communicate using any number of industrial networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus DP, etc.

Collision Avoidance and Detection

Multiple safeguards are embedded into the system to prevent the robot from colliding with the vehicle:

  • Robot limits – configured by the integrator to limit the robot to a specified operating envelope
  • Software limits – can verify that the car moving into the inspection station correlates with the VIN received.
  • Physical collision detection/prevention – the LaserGauge® measurement sensor is surrounded by a rubber-coated protective cage that will detect when the robot positions the sensor too close to the vehicle. If a collision is detected, the robot will immediately E-Stop and halt the conveyor to prevent any damage to the vehicle.

Fitter’s Module

The Fitter's Module accumulates and filters the measurement results from a LaserGauge® Automation station and then displays the results on a separate monitor in the Fitter’s Station downstream for the manual refitting of out-of-spec parts.

  • A handheld LaserGauge® inspection system can be used for a secondary inspection or for confirmation.
  • Rescanned data can be logged and passed to the factory's data handling system or archived.
  • The Fitter's module software runs on a separate PC from the LaserGauge® Automation station.


The LaserGauge® Automation System takes fast, accurate measurements on a moving line without requiring stop stations while offering unmatched flexibility in configuration

A complete and accurate Surface Profile

The Cross-Vector approach captures a Complete Surface Profile around edges and down into the gap. This results in the most complete surface profile and most accurate measurements from a single scan.

A fast process that takes less than a second

The scanning process is completed, measurements calculated, results displayed in the data table, and the scan plotted on the graph, all in less than one second. The non-contact sensor is able to move from point to point while the assembly line is in motion.

More cost effective than other robotic systems

The use of plant preferred integrators or internal resources to install the system, flexibility of the Automation software, and the ease of setup/implementation all help to reduce the overall cost of the system.

Flexible setup for one or more robot configurations

Points can be added and deleted from existing routines, and new routines can be added using the Teach Mode, without having to involve the robot programmers. The LaserGauge® Automation system supports 1, 2, 4, or more robots.

Accurate measurements on a moving line without requiring stop stations

The vehicle tracking subsystem means that it can accurately measure consistent positions on a moving line, even when the vehicle placement on the conveyor is not consistent. No stop stations or pinning of the vehicle is required.


LaserGauge® Automation RS763 Sensor Specifications

System Specifications

  • Measurement Speed < 1 second
    < 1 second
  • Robot Interface
    Anybus X-Gateway Communication Module

Laser Safety Warning Label

Sensor Specifications

  • Accuracy
    +/- 0.001” (+/- 25µm)
  • Communication Interface
  • Size/Weight
    5.5” (w) x 6.8” (h) x 9.5” (l) / 6.2lbs
  • Power
    24V @ 1 amp
  • Shock Protection
    Cast Urethane Housing
  • Environment
    0° – 70° C