SOFTWARE: Utilities & Software Add Ons

The following utilities and software add-ons are available to extend the capabilities of LaserGauge® Sensors

LaserGauge® Tools Software

  • LGTools is used to retrieve files from and send files to the LaserGauge® controllers.
  • LGUtility is a specialized application used to send firmware files to the controller and to retrieve firmware and operating files from the controller.
  • LGImage is a graphic viewer used to view and save images and scans retrieved from the controller


  • Use a PC to configure all of the menu-based settings on a DSP sensor
  • Retrieve DSP sensor settings and store as a local file on their PC.
  • Push the retrieved settings, or settings configured with the LGConfig user interface, to another DSP sensor to replicate all settings between sensors.


  • LGViewer is a feature rich graphic viewer that allows panning and zooming on the scan, plus provides you onscreen measurement capability.



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