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There are two functions to a LaserGauge® system: capturing the profile, also called scanning, and processing the profile. In some of the models, the scanning is performed by one hardware component, the sensor, and the processing is performed by a second hardware component, the controller or a pc. However, the DSP model sensor has on-board processing capability so there is no need for a controller or PC. The two types of systems, DSP/USB or Sensor/Controller, have different advantages and the user’s requirements will determine which system would be best for the application.

Automation SmartCar DoorLaserGauge® Automation is a robotic system for measuring vehicle gap/flush on a moving assembly line. It is cost-effective, fast, flexible, and delivers LaserGauge® accurate measurements. Utilizing the Cross-Vector scanning and Blue Laser Technology, the system provides more assembled-panel surface information than any other robotic laser profiler.

Prod HS761 2Sensors come in two basic configurations: handheld for portable applications and remote for stationary or on-line inspection systems. While all of the sensors will work with the latest controllers, some will interface to your PC. The measurement requirements of an application determine which model should be used with a controller.

Prod LG5000Processing power and user functionality are provided by the different model controllers. Controller-based sensors must be used with a controller, and the DSP and USB sensors may also be run from the LG5000 controller to utilize special functions. 

130694880988315The same type of measurement can be made repetitively, such as in a sampling event, or many different types of measurements can be made on a part or an entire assembly according to an inspection procedure. Inspection routines are developed using PC-based proprietary software programs.

AccessoriesPortable controllers can be powered using a range of 12-volt battery products. Rechargeable batteries provide hours of uninterrupted run-time. Instead of wearing the portable controller over the shoulder, a wheeled instrument cart can turn the system into a mobile inspection station.