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The LaserGauge® System includes multiple handheld sensor models, automation capabilities, application software, and a wide range of accessories.


A range of LaserGauge® handheld sensor models are available with red or blue lasers, and Single Stripe or Cross-Vector AND Cross-Hatch laser configurations. The power of LaserGauge® sensors is in the algorithms behind our virtual gauges, providing some of the most precise measurements available in the industry. LaserGauge® sensors work on a wide range of materials, including opaque, transparent, and shiny. Learn how to choose a LaserGauge® sensor.

Our family of LaserGauge® handheld sensors includes:


LaserGauge® Automation brings unmatched speed, accuracy, and flexibility to the manufacturing assembly line. The LaserGauge® Automation System offers industry-unique blue laser technology with Cross-Vector scanning. It incorporates inspection routines, industrial network connection capabilities, collision avoidance, and an optional fitter’s station.

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A powerful suite of software supports our LaserGauge® sensors and your applications to boost your productivity. Additional free utilities and software add-ons are available to extend the capabilities of LaserGauge® Sensors.

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From batteries and charges to standoffs, check blocks, and more, explore the range of accessories and replacement parts available for your LaserGauge® sensor.

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