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Originally developed in 1994 for aerospace applications, LaserGauge® products and solutions have expanded for use in automotive, manufacturing, and other industries worldwide.

With a background in imaging and inspection projects for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the U.S. Army Missile Command's Advanced Sensors Directorate and aerospace manufacturers, the creators of LaserGauge® identified the need for an off-the-shelf contour measurement system, capable of being adapted to different applications. Origin Technologies was founded in 1994 and introduced LaserGauge® to the market. Within nine months of the company’s founding, its first laser-based, portable dimensional measurement system was sold. Since that time, thousands of systems have been shipped to customers worldwide.

In 2020, Origin Technologies was acquired by Linear Measurement Instruments, Corp. (LMI), a long-time distributor of Lasergauge® products. LMI provides a wide variety of dimensional gauging tools, including sequential flush & gap gauges, surface probes, true position gauges, data collectors, digital transmitters, non-contact laser sensors, door closing effort sensors, support software utilities, and fully automated gauging systems. LMI’s three decades worth of experience and know-how provides the world’s leading automotive and aerospace companies with unique gauging tools that lead to increased quality and productivity, which in turn lead to improved products and cost savings. Learn more about LMI at

LaserGauge® sensors are used in portable, handheld, and robot applications to take accurate measurements on solid, transparent, and shiny materials.

LaserGauge® sensors bridge the gap between mechanical inspection tools and 3-D CMMs, bringing the benefits of both approaches at a reasonable price point. The power of LaserGauge® sensors is in the optics technology and the algorithms in our virtual gauges, providing some of the most precise measurements available in the industry.

LaserGauge® products continue to evolve to meet customer and industry needs

LaserGauge® is known in the industry for having great products backed by tremendous customer service, leading to customer relationships that last for decades. We have built a worldwide network of distributors that is knowledgeable about our products and that work with us to continue to evolve our products to fit customer requirements. We are committed to listening to our customers as needs change and working with them to adapt our products to fit any emerging requirement.