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One LaserGauge® system can be used for many different applications because its power and flexibility is in the software. Standard dimensional measurements are made using software algorithms called Virtual Gauges. Complex or unique measurement requirements can be automated through custom-programmed algorithms, called LGBasic Algorithms. All Virtual Gauges and LGBasic Algorithms can be run on any of the LaserGauge® systems.

Many industries have the same or similar dimensional inspection needs, but use different terms to describe the same type measurement. If you do not find the type of measurement or the application that you are interested in, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your measurement requirements.

Applications - AutomotiveAutomotive Applications
The LaserGauge® supports automobile inspection applications from parts manufacturing all the way to final assembly, for both interior and exterior.

Applications - AerospaceAerospace Applications
The LaserGauge® is used for a variety of applications in aerospace assembly, repair, and servicing from inspecting fasteners and countersinks to measuring wear and pitting.

Applications - OtherOther Applications
Other industries use the LaserGauge® for a number of unique applications.