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View Demonstration Video of USB Sensor being used with LGCommander on YouTube

LGCommander DisplayThe LGCommander software is used to configure and test measurement algorithms (gauges) for specific parts, establish inspector, supervisor and administrative rights for the sensor, and to set operational preferences. It can also be used to certify gauges for particular applications.

For the handheld DSP sensors, HS702/HS703/HS761/HS763, setup information specified using LGCommander can be sent to the sensor via the USB cable, enabling the sensor to be operated in standalone mode with the established configuration. If running in standalone mode is not required, the HS702/HS703/HS761/HS763 DSP sensors may also be operated through a USB cable using LGCommander to provide enhanced graphic capabilities and automatic scan saving functions.

Since the remote RS750 and TS800 are always run using LGCommander, all setup information entered in LGCommander is immediately available for use by one remote sensor or multiple remote sensors in a coordinated configuration.