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Prod HS703 1The HS703 with Blue Laser Technology is the fastest and most versatile of the LaserGauge® DSP sensors. It is perfect for measuring gap/flush measurements taken around split taillights, windshields, clear headlights, red and amber lenses, chrome and glass around transparent or translucent surfaces as well as gap/flush on solid metal or plastic body panels. A high resolution imager and 1GHz processor produce accurate measurements in less than one second.


Color Display – The 3.5" high resolution color LCD provides graphical and textual information before, during, and after the scanning.  The surface profile is plotted in real-time and the measurement results are instantly written to the data table.  Results are color coded for immediate identification of out-of-spec conditions.

Fully Portable – A rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides power for three to four hours of constant operation.  Power saving functions can be used to extend operating times even longer.  Files are constantly saved, so data is never lost.  The on-screen fuel gauge and a "low battery" message informs the operator when it is time for a fresh battery.  

User Interface – Operators can use the touch screen to navigate menus and access on-screen functions, or the 5-way joystick and two keypad buttons can be used to perform all the same operations without needing a second hand.  Color LED's on the top and bottom of the sensor provide roll angle and error feedback on each scan.

Prod HS703 Routine ModeProd HS703 Algorithm ModeRoutine and Gauge Modes – Inspection routines developed using LGWorks software run directly on the sensor in the Routine Mode.  Detailed graphics and on-screen messages guide the inspector from one measurement to the next.  Scans can automatically be saved, measurements can be retaken at any time, and calculations viewed as the routine progresses.  

In the Gauge Mode, measurements are taken using one algorithm, such as the countersink or fastener algorithm.  Pan and Zoom functions on the graph allow for the detailed analysis of the scan.  Data is written to a table and saved automatically.

Wireless Communications – Data files and scan files that have been saved on the sensor can be retrieved wirelessly using the integral 2.4GHz ZigBee module to a matching USB stick plugged into a local computer.  A USB cable can also be used to send files to and to retrieve files from a computer.

Blue Laser Technology - Because of the shorter wavelength of the blue laser, measurements are possible on transparent or translucent materials such as headlights and tail lights. The blue light more readily reflects from these surfaces providing stable, precise measurements on features that are normally considered as critical.


Speed – Measurements are completed in less than one second.

High Resolution – With a horizontal scanning resolution of 1280 surface points within the field-of-view, the sensor has 2 and ½ times the resolution of most other handheld profilers.

Versatility – The HS703 is a complete inspection system.  With its powerful processor, it can run complex inspection routines or be used as a GO/NO GO Gauge.  The full range of aerospace applications: fasteners, countersinks, step heights, gaps, radii, and welds, and automotive applications: gap and flush, flange length and angle, radii, bead height, and welds, can all be handled using just one sensor.


Type Handheld
Size 3.6" (w) x 3.8" (h) x 10.1" (l)
Weight 26 oz (29 oz with battery)
User Interface 3.5" Color Display, 2 sets of 3 LED’s, 5-Way Joystick and 2 Buttons
Communications Wireless - 2.4GHz ZigBee module with ZigBee USB Stick for computer.  Cable - USB 2.0A to Mini 5-Pin USB, 6’
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion, camcorder type, recommend Energizer Model ER-C680 or Samsung Model SB-L160, any equivalent models are acceptable
Shock Protection Cast urethane housing
Environment 0° – 70° C
Models HS703-B-F20 HS703-B-F30
   FOV Options 1.2" (30mm) 1.9" (48mm)
   Horizontal Scanning Resolution 0.0010" (25µm) 0.0015" (38µm)
   Depth Accuracy +/- 0.0008" (20µm) +/- 0.0015" (38µm)

Our continuing commitment to quality may mean a change in specifications without notice. This system complies with 21 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter J.