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Prod Accessories Battery 202 1LaserGauge® controller-based systems can be powered using a variety of 10.8-volt products. As with any battery product, a trade-off must be made between the capacity of the battery, which determines how long the system will run, and the weight of the battery. Standalone DSP sensors use 7.4-volt batteries that are available in several different capacities. Again, the trade-off is between weight and the length of run-time between battery changes.

LG1102/LG1200/LG4101 Controllers – Controllers use a rechargeable, 10.8-volt, SMBus lithium-ion battery pack with an LED fuel gauge. The battery is a standard 202 size for the LG1102 and LG4101 controllers and 204 size for the LG1200 controller.  These batteries are primarily used in laptop computers and are manufactured by a number of companies worldwide. The batteries are rated at 7.2 amp hours and will power the controllers for up to four hours on one charge.

A nylon pouch containing a rugged metal frame is used to connect the battery to the LG1102 and LG4101 controllers. The metal frame guides the battery onto a 5-prong connector and the flap on the top of the pouch secures the battery in place. A coiled cable attaches the pouch to the controller. LG1102 controllers utilize a 4-pin, bayonet-style power connector while the LG4101 controller utilizes a 6-pin, threaded connector. Coiled cables are interchangeable so that the pouch can be used with any model controller.

A desktop charger is used for both charging and calibrating the 202 and 204 batteries. With Smart SMBus capabilities, the charger will not overcharge a battery and can determine when a battery needs to be recalibrated. Charging a fully discharged battery takes approximately two and one-half hours. The power adapter for the charger accepts 100 – 240V at 50 – 60Hz, which allows it to be used worldwide with the appropriate power cord.

DSP Sensors – Standalone DSP sensors are powered by a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery typically used in digital cameras and camcorders. The battery provides 7.4 volts and is rated at 1850 milliamp hours. It will run a DSP sensor for approximately four hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged. The use of the power save function on the sensor can extend the run time by up to 50%. The battery weighs only 3 ounces.

A plug-in rapid charger is used for the DSP sensor batteries. The batteries have no memory so they can be charged at any level of discharge. Charging a fully discharged battery takes approximately two hours. The charger also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter for charging batteries while traveling.


Prod Accessories Standoff SO-SV 1Standoffs - Handheld sensors utilize standoffs to help guide the sensor to a position that places the feature being measured at the sensor’s optimum depth-of-focus and centered in the sensor’s field-of-view. Standoffs are not a factor in the measurements; they are just a positioning aid. Standoffs are designed according to the application with the goal of making it easier and quicker for the operator to properly position the sensor over the feature and to complete the measurement.

Custom standoffs can be designed for unique applications.


Prod Accessories Cal Block GFA-07 1Standards or blocks with dimensional features that simulate the features being measured in a particular application can be used to periodically check the calibration of the LaserGauge®. The design of the blocks takes into consideration the size of the dimensional features being measured and the field-of-view and resolution of the sensor. Dimensions on the block are certified by an independent, accredited calibration laboratory and are traceable to NIST.

Our continuing commitment to quality may mean a change in specifications without notice. This system complies with 21 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter J.