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LaserGauge® Announces Launch of New Technology for Measuring Countersinks and Fasteners.

March 17, 2020

LaserGauge®, a worldwide provider of off-the-shelf contour measurement systems and robotic inspection solutions, today announced the availability of their newest LaserGauge® handheld sensor with Blue-Laser technology. The HS742 3D sensor with Blue-Laser Technology is specifically designed for inspecting and measuring countersink alignment, fastener flushness, and fill height on solid, translucent, shiny, or opaque surfaces that are flat or curved.

“This is another example of our continuing efforts of listening to our customers’ feedback and a result of their ongoing quest for improved metrology tools. The ability to measure countersinks, on flat or curved surfaces on different types of surfaces with repeatable results has always been a challenge. Utilizing a grid pattern of laser stripes to map the feature of interest, the HS742 can produce a 3D surface profile with a single trigger pull. Coupled with our Blue-Laser Technology, unique standoffs, and precision optics, we are able to extract additional data in building a more complete profile that is repeatable and accurate,” said Brad Powell, Origin Technologies Corporation Co-Founder.

The HS742 is a complete measurement system in a handheld design and weighs just 27oz. There are no cables to external power sources, no belts, or any connections to a computer for offering maximum portability. The power of the sensor is in its revolutionary optics and application-specific algorithms.