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LG WorksLGWorks enables users to develop multi-point inspection routines to run on the DSP Sensors and to run in LGWorksRT communicating wirelessly. The routines guide operators through each measurement point using graphic and/or text instructions. Calculations using the measured values can be incorporated into the routine and the user can establish the format for the data stored in files on the LaserGauge®.


Organize Routines - Routines are built in a tree-view hierarchy so that points and groups of points can easily be cut, copied and pasted or moved using drag and drop functionality.

More than one measurement may be needed at each inspection point, such as gap and flush. Routine commands tell the LaserGauge® what methodology to use to make the measurements and to make both measurements with one pull of the trigger.

Prod HS763 taill light to tail lightOperator Instructions - Photos or images of the part being inspected can be copied into LGWorks and the individual measurement points marked by drawing an arrow on the image at the exact location. The images are sent to the graphical controllers with the routine and appear on the controller's display with the arrows advancing automatically as each measurement is taken.

Text instructions input into LGWorks are displayed in a message window on the controller and separate instructions can be input for display on the sensor LCD during the running of a routine.

Measured Points and Calculations - Formulas that use the results from measured points can be added to the routine for calculations such as A/V gaps, parallelism, max gap, range of flush on a panel, etc.

Spec Limits - Specification limits can be entered in the routine and used to flag out-of-spec conditions as the measurements are taken. A second set of limits, called reasonable limits, can also be entered to help filter errant measurements and measurements taken at the wrong location.


Prod LGWorks Test GaugeRaw scans or profiles of 1200 x,y points can be saved for each measurement taken, and then retrieved to a PC and opened in LGWorks to test virtual gauge settings for consistency with specified measurement methodologies. Gauge settings for each measurement are built into the routine and are transparent to the operator taking the measurements.

Plotted Scans - Plots showing virtual gauge tests on scans can be saved as graphic images, jpeg, gif, bmp, for subsequent use in reports to document the measurement methodology used.

On-screen Measurements - Measurements can also be made on-screen in LGWorks using point and click tools to return delta x and delta y results.


Prod LGWorks RoadmapRoadmap - Each routine is documented with a printable roadmap showing each measurement point on the vehicle image and user-selectable information specific to the points in a table.

Data Files - Data files are formatted by the user and can vary between routines. The user has a choice of delimiters and the file can include information contained in the routine or found on the controller. Operator input fields and controller generated information can also be included in the data file, such as date, time, shift, operator, VIN, feature label, description, etc.


Functions Used to develop inspection routines, define data file formats, view scans, test gauge settings
System Compatibility DSP Sensors
Communication to PC Wirelessly via Zigbee USB stick
Operating Systems Windows™10
Requirements 64MB hard disk space, 512MB RAM

Our continuing commitment to quality may mean a change in specifications without notice. This system complies with 21 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter J.