Origin Technologies Corporation

Flexible Robot Interface

Automation Flow ChartFlexibility and ease of setup has been designed into the system. Two-way communication to robot controller for sequencing and operation. Use of “AnyBus Communicator” allows easy integration to any robot (ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kuka, etc.) and a special TEACH MODE allows quick and easy sensor location on any vehicle. Development tools available from Origin Technologies Corporation for integrator/customer robot programming efforts and additional customization capability.  You can even test to the LaserGauge system without the system in-place

Real-Time Vehicle Position/Orientation Tracking and Path Correction

Automation Line DirectionAs the vehicle moves into the LaserGauge Automation cell, the system receives the VIN of the vehicle that can identify the model of vehicle to be inspected. Using a variety of measurement sensors and data specific to that VIN, the vehicle is scanned to determine its position and orientation prior to arriving at robot. The robot path is corrected for new vehicle position and orientation. Real-time robot path changes allow the robot to accurately position the LaserGauge sensor at the correct location even though the vehicle is moving or in a different orientation/position that when first configured. Automation AlignmentMultiple safeguards in-place to prevent a robot from crashing into the vehicle:

  • Robot limits – configured by the integrator to limit the robot to a specified operating envelope
  • Software limits – can verify that the car moving into the inspection cell correlates with the VIN received
  • Physical crash detection/prevention – the LaserGauge measurement sensor is surrounded by a foam-covered protective cage that will detect when the robot positions the sensor too close to the vehicle. The crash will be detected and the robot will immediately E-Stop and halt the conveyor to prevent any possible damage to the vehicle