Origin Technologies Corporation

Origin Technologies Corporation Celebrates 25 Years of Providing Best In Class Measuring Tools

Rosemont, IL October 22, 2019 – Origin Technologies Corporation, a worldwide provider of off-the-shelf contour measurement systems and robotic inspection solutions, is celebrating 25 years of providing best-in-class precision measuring tools to many types of manufacturing plants all over the world.

” The company was formed in 1994 and within nine months, its first laser-based, portable dimensional measurement system was in use at NASA, inspecting welds on the Space Shuttle external fuel tank. In the past 25 years, thousands of LaserGauge® systems have been shipped to customers worldwide for their use in measuring features such as height, depth, gap, flush, length, angle, FOD and radius of curvature” said Ken Creekmore, Origin Technologies Corporation Co-Founder.

” Origin is extremely excited about the future. Our continued success comes from our two biggest assets, our customers and employees. Our customers continually show their trust in us by giving us their business, providing new opportunities that pushes our technological development, and by recommending the LaserGauge® to their peers. We are grateful for their faith in us and work hard to continue to earn that trust. That support is possible thanks to our talented and dedicated employees who work hard to achieve and maintain a level of quality, consistency and efficiency. Technology evolution is allowing measurement instruments to become faster, lighter, and more accurate, and the LaserGauge® is leading the change” added Brad Powell, Origin Technologies Corporation Co-Founder.

Origin Technologies Corporation is an Alabama USA based private company. With a background in imaging and inspection projects for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the U.S. Army Missile Command's Advanced Sensors Directorate, the founders of Origin Technologies Corporation identified the need for an off-the-shelf contour measurement system, capable of being adapted to different applications serving the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries worldwide.