Origin Technologies Corporation

Origin Technologies Corporation, the worldwide leader in laser-based, surface contour measurement systems, is launching its LaserGauge® LG7000 Controller today at CMSC 2017 in Snowbird Utah. The LG7000 controller has a 7-inch color graphical display with touchscreen providing a quick and easy way to navigate menus and select options.

“The LG7000 controller has the largest display of any controller in our history. We continue to see the demand for large screens to display feature profiles and numerical data. An added benefit is the LG7000 supports all handheld models of LaserGauge USB sensors, including sensors utilizing red and blue lasers” said Ken Creekmore, Origin Technologies Corporation Co-Founder. “All advanced scanning functions used with blue laser sensors are available in the menus and is backward compatible with previous controller based sensors no longer in production.”

The LG7000 Controller is battery powered for portability. Data and scans are automatically saved directly to the controller and then can wirelessly be transferred to a PC. A number of accessories, including an optional, integrated barcode reader is also available.

Origin Technologies Corporation has been in business since 1994 providing laser-based measurement systems to automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing customers worldwide.